Richard McSwain Obituary, Bicyclist killed in fatal crash identified as missing man

Richard McSwain Obituary, Death – According to the Cherokee County Coroner’s Office, a guy who had been reported missing actually passed away in a bicycle accident in November of the previous year. Cherokee County hosted the incident. According to the testimony of the coroner Dennis Fowler, Richard Dwayne McSwain’s family reported him missing on February 13 when he was 55 years old.

According to Fowler, the collision that happened on November 13, 2022, at the intersection of Highway 150 and Northgate Road in Northgate, was obviously related to McSwain. The occurrence took place the day following McSwain’s birthday. About 3:40 p.m., a box truck that was also moving north on Highway 150 crossed in front of McSwain, claims Fowler. McSwain was peddling his bicycle close to Northgate Road. The accident caused injuries to McSwain. According to sources, McSwain was pinned below the car and perished there.

Yet, neither he nor the bag he was carrying had any identification on them at the time of the occurrence. According to the coroner’s office, McSwain passed away after becoming trapped under the car. The coroner decided that they would have to detain him in the morgue without identifying him until they could locate someone to do so because he had no identification on him.

My office and the South Carolina Highway Police employed the media to reach out to the public, but no one replied to our request for help. We apologize that no one tried to help us. Our attempts to get in touch with the residents around the crash site as well as those in other places where it is commonly known that homeless people congregate were unsuccessful.

Also, we spoke with residents in places where it is well-known that homeless people congregate. According to McSwain’s family, he would disappear for weeks or even months at a time while living in the woods. He might occasionally not return at all. Fowler said that although the family was not anticipating this outcome, the accurate identification has enabled them to go forward. The reason for this is that the offender has been identified and is to blame.