Antonina Condrus Obituary, Member Of The Catholic Women League Has Passed Away

Antonina Condrus Obituary, Death – Antonina Condrus, who had reached the age of 91 when she passed away on Sunday, February 19, 2023, did not suffer any complications in her final days. Mimi spent the better part of 39 years honing her skills in the field of medical secretarial work. In addition to this, she was a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and an active participant at St. Mary Church.

Where she was a part of the Catholic Women’s Association. After her passing, her lineage has been continued by her nephews Christopher Johnston and Brian Henderson. Her parents Roland and Hedy Condrus, in addition to her sister Lori (Loretta) Johnston, all passed away before to her own passing (2022). Mimi’s friends, especially her longtime pals Carolyn Marks and Trudie Sachs, will be saddened by her passing and will think fondly of her in the future. There has already been a cremation, which took place in secret.

Following Mimi’s passing, there won’t be any visitation or funeral service given because that was her wish before she passed away. The Reverend Toby Collins will preside over the ceremony at Woodland Cemetery, which will be the location of the internment, and the family plot will be used for the burial. Donations made to St. Mary’s Church in honor of Mimi are something that the family would be thankful for (cards can be ordered by phoning the Henry Walser Funeral Home at 519-749-8467).