David Pennock Obituary, David Pennock Obituary & Funeral Information

David Pennock Death, Obituary – David Pennock passed away unexpectedly, and we have to break the news to the many people who knew and cared about him. Because he had a golden heart and always made sure to keep his loved ones close in his own unique way, our entire family is unable to find any solace in the fact that he has passed away.

We’d want to extend an invitation to anyone who wants to go to David’s funeral and go with him to the cemetery where he wants to be buried with his closest friend Buddy. Several people in the Thrybergh community will fondly remember David. We want to do this because we know that many Thrybergh residents will have fond memories of David.

Here are some details regarding (his dog):A memorial ceremony will be held in St. Leonard’s Church in Thrybergh on March 13, 2023, at 11.30 a.m. The time and day of the service have not yet been determined. We gently ask that no flowers be sent; instead, there will be a donation box, and all money will go to a local dog shelter, which was extremely important to David.

He leaves his house around 11.15. leaving his home address about 11.15 Although there aren’t any plans for what will happen following the funeral, we are certain that David would be fine with anyone wanting to raise a glass in his honor, perhaps at the Thrybergh Top Club. By 11.15, David departed from his house. David’s home address was disclosed about 11.15. What will happen after the funeral has not been planned.

All of David’s friends should know how much we appreciate them and how much we will miss them. Please accept our deepest gratitude for all you have done. He didn’t forget about my children or I, and neither will we. He also won’t forget about us.