Dax Gingras Obituary, Lakeland, FL, South McKeel Academy Car Line Guy Has Died

Dax Gingras Obituary, Death – Dax Gingras, also known as “Car Line Man,” who was deeply loved by all of us, has died away, and it is with heavy hearts that we share this news with you. We will miss his dad jokes, costumes, and all of the excitement he brought to us during the morning car queue at SMA. We shall also miss him. We are going to miss him as well.

Concerning Dax Gingras, one can make a number of observations and inferences. When I was a sophomore at Lakeland High School and had just found out that I had been admitted to Harrison School, he was the first person at that school to offer aid and quickly became a friend for life. I will always remember him for that.

Years later, when I was given a diagnosis of breast cancer, he made sure that I was linked to a support group by reaching out to me. He did this to make sure that I could get the help that I needed. Although I informed him that I did not, he proceeded to make one regardless of my response.

The trio that consisted of Dax, Kristin Myrick Ilic, and myself was given the appellation “The Three Cancerteers,” and we worked together to fight cancer. Kristin passed… Yet, despite our hectic schedules, Dax and I were still able to meet together for our weekly catch-up session. Chipotle was virtually everyone’s restaurant of choice.

I will be eternally grateful to him for his texts, and it is going to be sad not to have his name crop up on my phone from time to time. But I will always remember how persistent he was in his pursuit, and I solemnly swear that I will spend the rest of my life helping other people who have experienced the same things that we have. Dax, thank you.