Janae Edmondson Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Volleyball Player in Loses legs after a car accident

Janae Edmondson – A talented young athlete who was in St. Louis for a volleyball tournament was struck by a car, which caused both of her legs to have to be amputated as a result of the accident. There has been an arrest made in connection with the collision. According to Jeff Wismer, the assistant director of the Middle Tennessee Volleyball Club, Janae Edmondson was walking back to her hotel in St. Louis with her family on Saturday night when she was struck and critically injured.

The incident occurred in St. Louis. Edmondson was a member of their 18 Blue team and had recently made a commitment to continue playing volleyball in college. Wismer described the young athlete as “a wonderful kid with a great smile” who competed in three different sports. “She has lost both of her limbs below her waist; therefore, for us, how are you supposed to find words to explain our sorrow?” We simply are unable to.”

On Saturday evening, around 8:40, Edmondson was hit by a vehicle. The St. Louis Police Department reports that a gray Audi Q5 ran a yield sign at the intersection, which resulted in a collision with a Chevy Malibu. Edmondson was trapped between the flying Malibu and a parked car after the vehicle went airborne and hit her. According to KMOV, the young woman suffered critical injuries that led to the amputation of both of her legs, which has fundamentally altered the course of her life.

“There is a sense of frustration. Wismer expressed their frustration by stating that “we have anger over any responsible act, a missed sign, or whatever was a causation of this.” Wismer paints a picture of Edmondson as a young woman who has a bright future ahead of her. Now, she has a long road ahead of her to get better.