Valdez-Saldana Death, Galena park, TX, Mass Shooting and Self Suicide

Valdez-Saldana Obituary, Death – The results of the inquiry suggest that Humberto Valdez-Saldana, also known as Valentin, is the person to be suspected in the murder-suicide that took place at Galena Park and resulted in the deaths of three young girls. The incident was a murder-suicide that involved all three victims. According to the report from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the event took place in the late hours of Saturday night on the 2000 block of 2nd Street.

The deputies stated that Valdez-Saldana had been in a committed relationship with his present partner for approximately two years prior to the incident in question. It is speculated that he was the one responsible for the deaths of not one, but two of her daughters, in addition to a third person who they knew in common. In addition, it is thought that he engaged in sexual misconduct with her daughter, who was twelve years old at the time and was away from home with her niece, who was one year old.

Following that, Valdez-Saldana allegedly committed himself by shooting himself in the head, as stated by the authorities. Sayuri Gil, who was 19, and Melany Torres, who was 13 at the time of the incident, were two of the people who were shot, although we do not know the circumstances that led to the shooting. A person who is familiar with the family was successful in identifying the victims.

Sayuri Gil was already six months along in her pregnancy when the filming took place, thus she played the pregnant Sayuri. They were the older sibling’s sister, and the elder child was 12 years old. Sayuri was the mother of the younger child, who was 1 year old. In the end, they each achieved their goals successfully. The image of Sayuri that can be found at the very bottom of the page was uploaded by her family.