Zofia Paszek Obituary, Zofia Paszek Has Peacefully Passed Away

Zofia Paszek Obituary, Death – ┬áZofia Paszek passed away at home with family by her side. By the time Zofia was seven years old, World War II had already begun, and foreign invaders frequently disrupted her idyllic country life. During the time of the Russian invasion, she was compelled to abandon her Polish education and instead learn Russian. Nazi troops arrived, and she and her family were sent to a labor camp in Germany. This is when her work ethic and flexibility began to develop.

She was the eldest of her siblings and traveled to Canada when the war ended, when she was just 16 years old. She was entrusted with clearing a path for her own arrival and that of her family. Zofia worked on a Mennonite farm to save money for her trip, and then she put aside money to welcome her loved ones when they finally arrived. After bringing her family back together, Zofia was free to focus on her own happiness, which came in the form of her three children, Lena(ta) Paszek, Roland Paszek, and Rena(ta) Koegler, whom she had with her lifelong love, Edward.

Rena’s marriage to Dan brought Zofia’s family size up to four. Her family has grown to include nine grandkids and nine great-grandchildren: Natalie, Bianca, Dylan (Alyssa), Sierra (Colin), Jessica (Jay), Philip (Carla), Madeleine, Sasha (Fern), and Nicolai (Shirley) (Autumn, Gibson, Jasper, Caleb, Nathaniel, Olivia, Edward, Daniella, and Dior). Our mom Zofia and our dear old dad Edward have always been there for us, whether it was paying for college or music camp or going to a soccer game or a concert or even seeing their grandson play in a punk rock band.