Bobby Brockway Obituary, Demolition Derby, IN, native has sadly passed away – Death

Bobby Brockway Obituary, Death – The death has occurred of a legendary person in the sport of derby. Bobby Brockway was the kind of person who would go out of his way to help a buddy in need and would even give you the shirt from his back if you were in desperate straits.

I’m dissatisfied for a variety of different reasons, but the fact that we were unable to find a way to arrange our schedules so that I could meet up with you the following month to discuss your roller derby story is particularly frustrating. I never doubted for a second that we would be successful in achieving that goal.

Bobby Brockway was the type of person that was always up for a good time and helped make the shows entertaining. I just can’t wrap my head around the reality that one of the most talented men in the history of roller derby has passed away. It blows my mind. When I first woke up and saw all of these posts, I couldn’t believe it was real. It wasn’t until later that I realized it was.

During this trying time, I want the cast and crew of tS to know that I am thinking about them and praying for them. The name Jeffrey “Fatty” Clark Josh Decker Elser Toby Cody Wood Thin Toby Hunter Elser Jason Sauer, in addition to, of course, every member of Bobby’s extended family. Things just aren’t going to have the same feel during this year’s round of Track Shot Live because Bobby won’t be there. Bobby, may you finally rest in peace, and may you watch over all of the derby drivers and help keep them safe while the race season is in progress.