Boldon Colliery Obituary, Boldon Colliery Has Passed Away

Boldon Colliery Obituary, Death – The Colliery may be found in the town of Boldon. She had 66 years under her belt when she passed away on February 17th, much to our sorrow and sorrow of our family and friends. Michael is a treasured parent to his children Gary and Krystofer, and he is a loyal spouse to Valerie, the woman he shares his life with.

He takes pleasure in the time he can spend with his loved ones. Whoever this grandparent is, their grandchildren Lucas, Joey, Willow, and Freya adore and respect them. In addition to being a loving and kind brother, brother-in-law, and uncle, he is also a kind and caring son-in-law for Val. Funeral services are scheduled to take place at the South Shields Crematory on Thursday, March 9, at 1:15 p.m. Memorial services will be given in honor of the person who has passed away.

If you would like to send flowers, please only send them if you are a member of the immediate family. If you would rather not send flowers, you may make a donation to Cancer Connections in lieu of sending flowers. After you leave the crematorium, there will be a collection box waiting for you outside on the grounds. After the service, members of Michael’s family and friends are cordially invited to continue honoring Michael’s life at The Shack.

This event will take place immediately following the service. After the conclusion of the ceremony, we shall get straight to the event that we have planned. Michael has requested that any mourners who attend the burial dress informally or wear apparel with a symbol of the Newcastle football club.