Corey Salvador Obituary, Teenager dies in Hamilton Hill car accident

Corey Salvador Obituary, Death – In Perth, Western Australia, a teenage kid was riding a dirt bike when he was thrown to the ground when he was struck by a car while the car was driving by. The injuries ultimately proved fatal for the kid. Corey Salvador, who was only 16 years old, was killed yesterday evening on Phoenix Road in Hamilton Hill after he was involved in a collision with a Kia Sportage.

The motorcycle he was riding was involved in the accident as well. Corey was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately, he did not make it through his time there alive. An eyewitness who was in the neighborhood at the time told 9News that first responders were “doing their best” to help save him at the scene of the accident.

In their recollections of him, his loved ones and close acquaintances often referred to him as a “irreplaceable bright light.” “It isn’t right that he was stolen from us so soon,” his family stated in a statement that was given to 9News. “He will forever be in our hearts,” the statement concluded. Corey didn’t buy the motorcycle until just one week before the terrible catastrophe.

According to the reports of the locals, the road is frequently frequented by riders of dirt bikes. Surveillance footage taken just a few hours before Corey’s accident recorded an additional biker driving wildly on the road without wearing a helmet. Corey was killed in that accident. This rider was in the vicinity when the accident involving Corey took place.