Dale Mccormick Oneida NYS, Soccer Coach Drowns in Rescue of his Child – Death

Dale Mccormick Obituary, Death – Syracuse, New York — The head coach of the Oneida girls varsity soccer team, Dale McCormick, was discovered dead on Sunday after drowning while attempting to save his two children from the water at a Melbourne, Florida, beach. McCormick, a 48-year-old man, was on vacation with his wife Bettina and their two kids, Cortney, who is in the seventh grade, and Jaden, who is in the eleventh.

Dale, Jaden, and Cortney were all swimming together while Bettina was on the shore, according to Diane Farina, a close family friend who has been in contact with Bettina. Jaden and Cortney both acknowledged feeling the start of a strong undertow. Farina claimed that Cortney managed to get away and ask for help while Dale tried to help Jaden.

Even Jaden managed to reach the shore, but Dale, who Farina had described as having a little build, quickly disappeared from sight. After then, he was pulled from the sea, but despite their best efforts, no one could save him. His family and friends have started a GoFundMe memorial campaign in his honor. “My father will always be my closest friend, my greatest inspiration, and the best father I could have hoped for.

The ideal father I could have wished for was him. Jaden posted, “Dad has been my inspiration for all time, and he will continue to be that,” on a Facebook page honoring his father. “I will always be grateful for the fact that he will always be a part of me for all time and all eternity. I have never in all of history yearned for anything as much as I did for him. I love you, buddy.

With each passing second, we are missing you more and more. McCormick had long been a well-known figure in the neighborhood youth soccer scene before taking over the varsity team. The coach, McCormick, was kind to all players and encouraged everyone to try out for the team, regardless of how frequently they would play, according to Farina, whose daughter, Kyler, played for the Oneida varsity team under his leadership.