Judy Dunmore Obituary, NNNS Mourn The Death Of Chairman Judy Dunmore

Judy Dunmore Death, Obituary – We write this with a heavy heart to inform you of the unexpected passing of Judy Dunmore, who passed away on Thursday, January 26th, while she was on vacation in the Caribbean. Her passing came as a complete and total shock to everyone who knew and loved her.

Her departure came as a total and utter surprise to all of us who knew and cared for her. In 1989, Judy became a member of the Norfolk Branch of the Butterfly Conservation, and only a few short years later, in 1999, she was selected to take on the role of Branch Chair. It was quite clear that she enjoyed composing this message very much, and we have no doubt that many of you would remember her from around this time period.

It was very obvious that she took a lot of pleasure in doing so. She held that position all the way up until the year 2021, at which point she was presented with the Butterfly Conservation Distinguished Volunteer Award in recognition of her exemplary service. The next year, in 2022, she was presented with the distinction and accolade.

She has maintained her active participation as a committee member for the Branch, and she has just just accepted to take on the role of treasurer for the Branch. Judy’s skill, knowledge, and excitement for the natural environment in Norfolk were immensely apparent to all around her, and our members much appreciated her for it.

She was a great asset to our organization. In addition to this, Judy had a deep and profound gratitude for the people in her life who shared her excitement. She was a very capable person who was also quite supportive to those around her. She was able to get things done. Also, she was quite effective at maintaining order in the space.

Everyone will experience loss in their own special way in response to her demise. She is left by her devoted husband Giles, her children Louise and Nick, her grandchildren, and the innumerable friends she made while working at Butterfly Conservation. She will be greatly missed. Her legacy will live on indefinitely.