Lyndon Musgrave Obituary, Death, Nova Scotia CN has passed away

Lyndon Musgrave Obituary, Cause of Death – The patriarch of Lyndon Dalbey Musgrave’s mother gave him the name Lyndon Dalbey in his honor. He took after his mother by adopting the surname Dalbey. After completing his primary, middle, and high school education in Clear Lake, Iowa, he went on to complete his undergraduate degree in Iowa City at the University of Iowa. During his time at the university, he earned a degree in history.

Both his Master of Arts degree in Music Education and his Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design were awarded to him by the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He also earned a Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design from the University of Iowa. Following successful completion of graduate school, both degrees were obtained. Before relocating there and beginning his career as a graphic designer, he worked as a teacher in a number of high schools in the state of Iowa, where he was responsible for both the vocal music and chorus programs.

Institutions belonging to the government and the commercial sector were both found at these educational facilities. He played in the New Horizons Band in Iowa City and composed music for a number of other smaller musical ensembles, both of which were evidence that music continues to play an important part in his life. In addition to this, he had a strong fascination with the events taking place in other parts of the world as well as the structures that Frank Lloyd Wright had designed.

Lyndon’s lifelong companion Janet Nelson is also a member of his family, along with his brother Louis G. Musgrave Jr., his nephews Todd and Scott Musgrave and their wives Kim, and his grandnephews Samuel and Thomas Musgrave. Louis G. Musgrave Jr. Also, his wife Janet Nelson is considered to be a member of his family by him and others. Janet Nelson, who is also a Nelson like her husband, is a member of his family and is also a Nelson.