Nathan Cornetet Obituary, Man died in Springfield Ohio Motorcycle Accident

Nathan Cornetet Obituary, Death – Nathan Cornetet, a good member of our Funk Family who passed away recently, will be mourned by many. I can say with absolute certainty that I did not select The Funk life; rather, The Funk life chose me, and that choice was to marry Justin Robinson. The fact that everyone seems to call me Mother Funk brings me a lot of joy, but it also brings me a lot of sadness.

It wasn’t heartbreak for me, but it was for my “guys,” for my family, for The Funk Family. I don’t always get along with some of the people that Justin invites to join one of our teams and “pretend” they have what it takes to be a Funker. They play on one of our teams. Yet I never once had any doubts about Nathan. From the moment we first spoke, I immediately liked Nathan.

It was impossible to avoid smiling and laughing along with him. As soon as he introduced Brandi Jago Cornetet to our group, we could tell that they shared a genuine love for one another. Simply being in their company made everything in your immediate environment seem more beautiful. Being a true Funker is more than just a word; it’s a way of life, with its own set of morals and a pure love for things other than oneself.

It’s understanding that it’s okay not to play ball because your family comes first and having faith that The Funk Family will always be there for you when you need them. Nathan was the definition of a FUNKER! He will be remembered fondly, and his spirit will endure forever. Because there is no party quite like a Funk Fry, I have no doubt that he and Bill Fry are making plans to throw one heck of a reunion for all of us when we all get there.