Calli Piper Obituary Porterville, CA, GoFundMe Opened For Car Accident Victim

Calli Piper Obituary, Death – Calli Piper of Porterville, California passed away in a tragic car accident. Calli was a delightful youngster, energetic, creative, and caring, with a bright grin. Calli’s husband Jon oversees the youth ministry, and Calli has worked for the church. On February 18, 1993, Calli, who was just 29 years old, while taking part in a youth holiday.

Jon and Calli both committed to dedicating their entire lives to serving the Lord. For the benefit of God’s kingdom and in order to guide young people in the right direction, they have been willing to sacrifice greatly. When Calli passed suddenly, she not only left behind a devoted husband but also a beautiful little daughter who is now 4 years old and up for adoption.

This Fundraiser is intended to aid Jon in supporting their daughter as they work toward a life in which only Calli’s memory endures and to help cover the costs of Calli’s funeral. Please think about giving what you can. I’m grateful. We cannot adequately convey how appreciative we are of the many people who have volunteered to help us in a variety of ways.

That is a testament to the positive impact Jon and Calli have had on so many people’s lives, but we have also been approached by people who have never met Jon and Calli, which speaks to the kindness of people in general. We do ask that you all pray for Calli’s parents as they grieve and heal from the shock of their daughter’s bodily passing from this world, as well as for Jon, their little daughter, and Calli. Click HERE to visit Calli’s GoFundMe page.