Katie Stephen Obituary, A member of the AGC alumni has passed away

Katie Stephen Obituary, Death – Katie Stephen was a beloved and well-liked part of the AGC alumni and staff community. We are saddened to discover that she died after a valiant battle with cancer. Everyone loved her because she was such a special person. The AGC accepted Katie when she was seven years old.

Throughout the years, we saw Katie’s self-assurance grow as she said that she had “found her people.” The AGC served as Katie’s narrative’s beginning point. In her professional life, Katie has worn so many hats that we frequently referred to her as our “font of knowledge” because of her extensive knowledge across the organization.

She has done everything from inspiring the next generation of choristers as a highly skilled tutor to applying her magical organizational and critical thinking skills to anything from costume allocations, policy writing, and risk management procedures. Due to Katie’s extensive professional experience and breadth of expertise, we frequently refer to her as our “source of information.”

Because of the wide spectrum of professional experiences Katie has had, we commonly referred to her as our “fountain of wisdom.” We will miss her weird singing and self-deprecating self-talk in her private life since they were wonderful gifts to those of us who worked closely with her and we will miss them. Her accuracy, ingenuity, and attention to detail were also tremendous benefits to our team. On March 2 at 2:00 p.m., there will be a Celebration of Life for Katie, and everyone in the neighborhood is invited. Please send us a private message if there is anything else you would want to know.