Lahnie Hinkle Obituary, Lahnie Hinkle Has Peacefully Passed Away

Lahnie Hinkle Obituary, Death – Lahnie Hinkle and her kin. They participate in a Facebook group for parents of children with brain tumors. The support I’ve received from the group has been invaluable, and I appreciate having the opportunity to connect with other families who understand what I’m going through. Sharing in one other’s successes and supporting one another through common hardships. As of now, I am devastated by the news of Lahnie’s sudden death.

She, like Trev, had a brain tumor in the brain stem. When I compare her images to those of others who share Trevor’s diagnosis, the similarities, especially in the shape of their eyes, are striking. I recognize my newborn in her eyes. A few days after Trevor began his treatment, Lahnie did as well. I feel terrible for her and her loved ones. They’re experiencing the worst possible case scenario for us. Thankfully, Trevor’s condition is stable for the moment, but it can shift at any time, as it did with Lahnie and her loved ones. Terrifying.

Please include Lahnie in your prayers tonight, and send extra good thoughts to her parents and other loved ones while you say your own. It’s not right, and I don’t know how to make it better. Still, I hope they find rest tonight. Hope the grieving mother is able to get some rest tonight before attending the burial for her daughter tomorrow.

I’m feeling really emotional tonight, but I have to keep believing that this is just a temporary setback in Trevor’s life. In order to have days that are vibrant and funny. To make a conscious decision to show affection to people who are in need of it around us. That those who are having difficulty may find encouragement. When others are going through tough times, we want our narrative to be a beacon of hope for them.