Lukas Topodas Pennsylvania, Missing Conestoga Student Found Safe

Lukas Topodas Missing Found Safe – With all the messages, calls, shares of my essay, prayers, and in-person visits that have been made to us, there are no words that can adequately explain how grateful we are. The fact that each and every one of you has contacted us has meant so lot to us both, and we want you to know that.

It’s fortunate that Lukas was just recently discovered by police in West Philly. The recent incidents have made us all apprehensive, even though he is not in danger. We are extremely fortunate to have your support, along with the cooperation of the school and all of the law enforcement professionals who have made this a top priority in their line of work. Without your help, we honestly could not have survived this and come out stronger.

I appreciate it. In-laws, close friends, and relatives in PA: According to reports, he is a friend’s missing youngster who was last seen in Chester County, Pennsylvania (or maybe Philadelphia). Spread the word and check this website frequently for changes. Let’s work together to ensure that he returns to Alyssa Metz-Topodas without incident. Everyone, If you can, please let others know about this topic.

This morning, Lukas was left off in the parking lot of Conestoga High School, but he stayed outside all day. His whereabouts beyond that point are unknown. In order for you to see what he was wearing at the time, I took the picture on the left when I dropped him off at school. We are terribly worried about his health and are doing everything we can to find him. We ask for your patience as we look for him. Please lend us a hand in any way you can. It’s probable that he traveled there by rail from Philadelphia. He won’t be traveling with an iPhone or an Apple Watch. They won’t all be brought. Please lend me your helping hand.