Rob Robertson Obituary, West Bendigo Cricket Club Member Has Passed Away

Rob Robertson Obituary, Death – Rob Robertson was a pillar of the West Bendigo community, and we were happy when he joined the club in 2016 and soon rose through the ranks to become President, a position he held for the subsequent five years.
During that period, he played a key role in a series of developments that brought West Bendigo into the limelight once more. He took on projects outside of the club, yet he never wavered in his dedication to improving the WBCC in all aspects.

During his tenure, the women’s cricket team was founded, and he brought in Lisa Chesters MP, who became our biggest advocate for the sport. She was also crucial in providing the club with direction and guidance as it moved forward with its redevelopment plans, discussions about which he was still having with the local council as recently as 2022. He revived the Ken Wust Oval Sports Action Group, where he was swiftly elected president and given the opportunity to speak on behalf of all sports clubs in Council sessions.

Along from being President and handling all of these responsibilities, he was also the guy you could call at noon on a Saturday and he would throw on the whites to help out. Even when he wasn’t expected to play, he would show up to any and all games and treat everyone like they were his equal.Despite his illness, he maintained his interest in the club, stayed in touch with several of the players, and attended a few games. A very selfless person, he was. Our thoughts are with Rob’s children, Tyla and Connor, who make the club a better place, at this time.